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Welcome to Memorial Middle School!

At Memorial Middle School, we build relationships that develop personal responsibility, respect, trust, and create a safe learning environment. We engage students in developing leadership skills that promote college and career readiness and lifelong learning. Our students make great strides in learning focusing on how they learn best.


Our robotics program provides students with hands-on learning in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Robotics gives students the opportunity to use their knowledge and imagination to dream big and create something new. With 3D modeling and computer-aided design, our students build drones, underwater robots, quad-flyers, and more.

STEM Demonstration Lab

The STEM Demonstration Lab at Memorial Middle School allows students to get hands-on experience with a variety of technology. It addition to practice courses for robotics competitions, the lab includes:

  • a flight simulator where students can learn basic aviation skills
  • drones with an enclosed obstacle course
  • 3D printers and computers with Tinkercad for design
  • a small-scale dragster racing track to learn about physics


  • Work with their teachers and peers to develop content mastery in their learning programs;
  • Learn and grow in a forward-thinking school community that is using technology to transform teaching and learning;
  • Experience art, band, P.E., and technology; and
  • Participate in one or more of our 15 extra-curricular activities.

Memorial middle school

6th - 8th Grade

7502 E. 57 St.
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74145
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Phone: 918-833-9520




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